Band Saw Art

If you like working with wood (that sounds wrong), if you like wood carving and DIY (sounds wrong again). Here's a video of a guy making art with a band saw.

Canadian Helmet Catch

Awesome catch in Canadian Football, this is brilliant!

Mystery Team Trailer

DERRICK comedy will be releasing their full-length feature film "Mystery Team" in theaters this fall. The movie will open in select cities starting in August, then nationwide in October.

Piano Cat Performs with Orchestra

Unbelievable, this is a video of a cat playing in a concert. For real! Talented little bugger!


Robot Drummer

Cool video of a little robot that has been programmed to drum. It's very cute and kinda cool. Needs more lasers, though!

Secret Las Vegas Pac-Man Footage

Wow, looks like PacMan is wasting away all thoe hard earned credits in Las vegas going on a wild rampage! Very funny video!

Andrew WK Takes Fox News Question Seriously

Funny clip that shows just how serious you should take FOX News, haha, best clip ever!

Turtle screams to orgasm! LOL!

Look, it's a turtle having an orgasm! How funny that sounds, also, it could be a tortoise, I have no clue. The other turtle lokks like "yeah, whatever, done yet?". HAHAHA, too funny!

Vader Dances to Hammer You Can't Touch This Dance: Star Wars weekends 2009 Disney

Funny video of Star Wars guy Darth Vader dancing to MC Hammer's song CAN'T TOUCH THIS. I guess he means the buttons on his chestbox....


Toilet Paper Prank

Yes it's a prank. But what I want to know, why on Earth is the guy on the phone to someone when he is on the toilet? Seriously!!!!!

La Toya Jackson - Home - Michael Tribute Single (2009)

Yeah, this has nothing to do with squeezing a quick buck out of Michael Jackson's death. Oh dear, these people have no shame at all!!!! Terrible!

Originally recorded for the Startin' Over album in 2002, this heartfelt song is now being released as La Toya's tribute to her brother Michael.

Nirvana vs Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up

Great and awesome mash up of Rick Astley and Nirvana: Never Gonna Give You Up vs. Smells Like Teen Spirit!!!!

Guy jumps out of the Pool

Cool video of a guy jumping out of a pool. Not that impressive until you try it yourself, it's not that easy!


Very sexy, hot (and all other sexual stuff) commercial for Sprite, the soft drink soda. Apprently a banned commercial from Germany, but I think it is fake. But it's still very good!