Funny video of a dog pushing a stroller in Portland (Oregon). I think this is cute, and the dog is pushing a stroller with two baby pugs inside, but they'Re dolls. Still very funny and cute.

Air New Zealand staff have nothing to hide

Staff from Air New Zealand go naked in this commercial. Well, it's body painting! The music is Gin Wigmores track Under my skin

Top Gear : James May, Ken Block race Ricky Carmichael

Video of James May in Rally car with Ken Block racing Ricky Carmichael. AWESOME!!!!

Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz - I'LL BE THERE

Fantastic performance by Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz of the song I'LL BE THERE, liveat the Michael Jackson Memorial in the Staples Center (Los Angeles).

Short Animation -ALARM

This animation is so well done, some of the items in the room look so real! Also, this is very funny and youshould all watch it!


Dog and his stick and a doggy door

This stupid dog can't fit through the doggy door because he is holding a stick in his mouth. Dogs are cute but very dumb. But that makes them funny! So hooray for dogs!

Michael Jackson Reporter Gets Heckled

Funny clip of a reporter getting heckled by people from the crowd. Live TV can be terrible sometimes, but this video is pretty funny because it shows what TV is like in the moments when they can't really control it.

Gross Unknown Sewer Life Forms

The worst part of this video is that this odd looking slimeball is real and very much alive. Run for the hills as long as there's still time!

Cool airplane toilet paper trick

Apparently you can roll out a whole roll of toilet paper in a plane and the airplane toilet will still suck it all down. And it really works! Amazing trick, but don't try this in mid-flight! HAhahaha!

Samurai Baseball

Cool video from Japan showing a guy with a ninja sword slicing baseballs in half. Just for the hell of it in a TV show. Very impressive!