Cat Insanity

A lot of cats, almost too many of them, in this crazy video. IT'S SO FULL OF CATS IT'S CRAAAAZY!!!!!

Hulk Hogan in MS Paint

The song "Hulkster in Heaven", done in MS Paint. Is this really Hulk Hogan the wrestler singing? Really? How crazy!

Mike Song Nintendo Wii Tutting Routine

At first I though this guy is an idiot but he makes the dancing routine fit perfectly to the Wii music. Watch this to have fun!

A vs B - Biscuit Holes at Hardee's

Hahaha, the double entendre is so funny and obvious. What do you like better, A-holes or B-holes? Funny!

First Person Shooter Disorder

Funny fake documentary about a guy who suffers from first person shooter disease, you know, like in those games? This made my brother laugh like the idiot he is! haha!


Cat Answers The Phone

Pretty cool video of a cat answering a phone. The cat picks up the phone and... leaves! What did you expect to see, a full conversation?

Basketball Playing Dog

Funny video of a dog playing basketball. This is not a trick video, the dog really can play! Amazing! I would love to have a dog with these basketball skills. Instead, I only have a hamster.

Googling with Bing (funny spoof commercial)

This is a funny spoof commercial (it'S not real) for the Micrtosoft search engine Bing. Try googling with bing for a change! Hahahaha!

Website Story

Funny comedy sketch/musical comedy from the people at CollegeHumor. This is their internet or rather web 2.0 version of the musical West Side Story. And it's called WEBSITE STORY. Very well done and funny, funny, funny.

Ceiling Ninja Prank

Funny prank with a guy hiding in a garage an scaring a guy in a car. Mean but funny!