Thrasher Skateboard Magazine - Back to the Berg - Wallenberg 2009

Another great skateboarding video!
Almost a dozen never-been-done tricks went down the legendary Wallenberg big four stairs. Thrasher magazine took it Back to the Berg and blew that sh*t out.

Reservoir Dogs Take Manhattan

So cool! The tipping scene in the diner from Reservoir Dogs with muppets!

Dog vs. Lobster Dog

Who is going to win this epic battle? Ha ha ha, funny video, don't you agree?

Cricketter Kills Pidgeon

Wow, fluke accident! A cricketer throws a ball and kills a pigeon!

Taking Woodstock - Official Trailer

#Funny trailer for the upcoming movie with Demetri Martin. I enjoy his stuff and I hope this movie takes off!


Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

What it says in the title, a very funny literal version the song, describing what is going on in Bonnie Tyler's video for Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Astronaut faceplant

Even astronauts sometimes do stupid things, like this guy doing a faceplant!

Mary Poppins Remix

Samples taken from Mary Poppins and then turned into a song. The song is pretty awesome! Catchy tune!

MTV Awards - Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

Great funny song about how the cool guys in movies never look at the explosions! And it's true, of course! Featuring JJ Abrams of Lost fame.

She Got Lonely - funny comedy skit

Here's some funny comedy from Greg and Lou. It's about the wife of a detective that needs a lot of companionship.


Tales Of Monkey Island Trailer

Oh hello there Moneky Island! Tales of Monkey Island, a new five-part series from Telltale, and The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, an enhanced rerelease of the game that started it all. That's right, folks. This summer you're going to be smacked upside the head by so much Monkey Island goodness you won't be able to stand it.

The Best of Simon and Carfunkel

Pretty awesome fake commercial in the line of the "Time Life presents..." CD Collections. Simon and CARfunkel make it on my top 10 list anytime!

Slap Prank

This slap prank goes very wrong but it is still funny to look at, because of the funny consequences of the people involved. Or in short: HAHAHAHAHA!

mrbrownshow.com - Wash Your Hands Too (Parody of Wonder Girl's 'Nobody')

Hilarious parody of Wonder Girls' "Nobody" by mrbrown and gang, also their take on the latest swine flu pandemic.

If Nintendo Made Halo 3

Funny video showing what Halo 3 would look like if it was done by Nintendo.... Pokemon-Fest! Hahaha, how funny!