Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat: True Hollywood Story

Funny documentary (of course it's fake) about the internet cat celebrity "keyboard cat". Funny stuff!

Funny Animals Collection

Funny collection of funny animals. This very funny. I have to say that, my sister wanted me to post it!

Nosferatu dancing to Lady Ga Ga

Well, can I say WTF? A dude dressed as Nosferatu (a vampire) dancing to Lady Ga Ga. Sure. THis is what happens when parents leave their kids alone at home.

Breathing Xenon

Interesting video showing a dude inhaling the gas xenon. Pretty amazing what it does to your voice!

Amazon Kindle Spoof

Ahaha, the Amazon Kindle has just gotten bigger, better and more awesome than ever before! Well, bigger mostly.


Real-Life Pac Man Terrorizes People

Funny video of a guy dressed up as Pac Man running around a supermarket and other places and causing lots of mayhem! ahaha, this is such a funny video!

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale

The winner of Eurovision 2009 with his awesome song Fairytale. I watched it last Saturday and this was not my favourite song, but it's still awesome. Very cheerful tune!

Project Trico HD - PlayStation LifeStyle

Earyl footage from a new cool game for the Sony Playstation 3! Looks very cool!


oh no! the poor kitty gets hit on the head in this funny video. but she does not get hurt, they are having fun!


Sims 3 iPhone trailer makes its debut

Very cool and pretty looking trailer for The Sims on the iPhone. Looks very interesting but I won't get an iPhone just for that game...

FIA WTCC 2009 Pau - Safety Car Crash

Crazy crash that you have never seen before. Maybe. Engstler crashes into the safety car during the FIA WTCC 2009 and ruins his chances of winning.

Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

haha, this made me actually laugh out loud, a funny spoof on the most popular black names in the ghetto.

Meet the Spy

The red spy is in the base! Cool video to promote the videogame Team Fortress 2!

the clock clock

Oh interesting idea for a clock. It'S pretty cool to see this, I wonder if it's for some sort of art installation. Pretty cool though!