Google Chrome Commercial from Japan

Cool animated commercial for the Chrome Browser from Google. Looks like the old Breakout 8bit video games, don't you think?

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer

Crazy movie trailer about a giant shark fighting a giant octopus. This sounds like a crazy movie, I wonder if it is real or just a funny spoof trailer?

Bye bye cell phone

This poor guy wants to catch the atmosphere during a football game and films it all with his cell phone. And then he loses it. Poor sap!

Booby-Trapped Cat Suitcase

Funny video of a cat hiding in a suitcase. Every time someone scratches the surface, the funny cat appears to check out what is going on! Very funny video!

Salsa Dog

Funny video of a little chihuahua dog dancing to a salsa song. Very funny and cute dog.