Keepon - the dancing robot

The robot Keepon (developed by Hideki Kozima and programmed by Marek Michalowski) dancing to the song "Killing In The Name Of" By The Band Rage Against The Machine.

Aliens meet Earth phone

A classic clip from sesame street, aliens meet a phone. Funny!

Fat cat on a treadmill

Kosh the cat on a treadmill. Silly video of him ... not walking. No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Just humiliated.

Sesame Street: Orange sings Carmen

Classic stop motion animated film from Sesame Street, said to have been created by Jim Henson. Oranges, of course, are high in acid (citric acid, that is, ho hum) ;-)
The song is from the opera Carmen.

Sesame Street - Mahna Mahna

From 1969, the classic song as performed by two Anything Muppet girls and an early version of Bip Bipadotta.

The Muppets: Mana Mana

The Muppets, Mana Mana

Odie The Talking Pug

Odie the Pug on the Late Show with David Letterman. Odie loves you!

Cool Green Day vs Oasis MashUp

Video Mash Up of Dean Gray's Green Day Mash Up "Boulevard of Broken Songs".


Ouch, how painful yet funny at the same time!


Changing Tyres can be Dangerous

Three different versions of a commercial of "Good Year".

Watch where you walk!

Funny and short video that shows us to watch where we walk!

Helicopter saw

Ever wonder how they cut the edges of trees next to huge power lines? Simple.. Attach 10 large saw blades to a helicopter, that's how!

Coin domino

Getting a single pound coin to stand on its side without falling is hard enough, but to get 10,000 of them set up as dominoes you'd have to be insane!

The Village Sniper

Short clip from The Armando Iannucci Show Episode 6 featuring the village sniper

Riding the pet snake (not a good idea)

Some snake shows up at their doorstep and they keep it as a pet. Now it's 20 feet long and the children ride it around the house... Check out that ending. Wow, that looks like fun!!


Smart animals

Clever animals, I must admit.

Best penalty shot ever

Ahaha, this should happen in a proper game!

How to row a boat in Russia

Yup, that's the way for the future.

Bush's Greatest Moments

Some of George W. Bush's famous quotes from his well thought out speeches.

Giraffe in quicksand

Robot chicken clips always make me laugh!

Pinkey - The very loving cat

This cat is pure evil!

When drunk people dance

Reminds me of my last birthday party!

Simpson Voices on Conan

This is real Talent!

The probability of this happening...

Yup, pretty low probabilty.


Billy's Balls 2

This guy has some talent!

SNL: Dear Sister

Yeah, SNL is still funny!

Martial Arts Kid

This kid has mad martial arts skills!

Martial Arts Kid

This kid has mad martial arts skills!

Lucky Escape

That was close!


USB Shoe

Fancy footwear that just plugs into your computer and moves according to your commands.

Accidents In Reverse

Sometimes accidents are funny to watch.
It's even funnier to watch them in reverse.

Crossing The Street In India

It's like Real Life Frogger.

How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINT

Incredible, my MS Paint pictures always look like drawings from a 4-year-old!

The Wrong Door

Hahaha! Happens to the best of us!

Old people singing "My Generation" by The Who

Not the worst version I'Ve heard, it's actually pretty good (for a bunch of old geezers)!

Learn to count in Japanese

At some point this is going to be useful to me. Like, when I finally get to order those giant sized robots.

Very Nice

So how'd you like the festival?